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Be2 is the most beloved love dating site in Brazil! Be2 members know that flirting with singles in bars, clubs is not the best solution to finding the perfect match for a loving relationship. The be2 dating site is the right place to find single, divorced or widowed women and men with personalities compatible with yours and who actually seek the love of their lives! Only the be2 relationship site offers you a free personality test, which will be the basis for recommending your most compatible contact list. If you are looking for your ideal half for a long-term relationship or,start your free trial today!  


  • Casual encounters with quality; 
  • More than 25 thousand new registrations every day; 
  • New matches every day; 
  • Find women and men near you; 
  • Find subscribers who are online; 
  • Live Chat; 
  • Find people with the same interests as yours; 
  • Have your profile 100% protected. 

Come and enjoy!

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