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The company was created after a rewarding experience in selling lingerie and beachwear in physical store. With a wide experience in serving the virtual market in another segment, which facilitated the work to set up a website that was easy to navigate, beautiful, variety and good prices.
Partners of the Rosset Group, which is synonymous with quality, innovation and luxury, with the beachwear brands Cia Marítima, Água Doce, Classic and Rangiroa, thus guaranteeing quality products.
Founded in November 2011 in São Paulo, the Grão de Areia Moda Praia store is today one of the most complete stores in the beachwear segment, offering Rosset brand products, the most prestigious and traditional products on the market.
  • Parcelamento in 6X without interest;
  • Free shipping on purchases over R $ 199,00 for all Brazil;
  • Various promotions on the site;
  • Various forms of payment;
  • 100% Safe Site.
Come and enjoy!

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