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C.C.P. Parafusos e Ferramentas is more than 30 years in the market of Fixing and General Tools.
The differential price and specialized services aggregate in the quality of service in order to exceed the expectations and needs of the clients.
E-commerce is a project with all logistic basis, seeking the best platform to meet the most diverse needs.


1.  Reliability for more than 30 years in the market;
2.  Stock: more than 30,000 items between Fixing Instruments, Tools, Abrasives and Industrial Accessories;
3.  Specialized Technical Service for Industry;
4.  Many methods of payment
5.  Delivery throughout the country;
6.  Security stamp in the site;
7.  Present in social networks;
8.  Chat to help the client;
9.  Phone, whatsapp, email and Skype support.

Enjoy the offer!

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